Stump Removal Services in San Jose

Serving Both Commercial & Residential Prosperities

For nearly three decades, Kelly’s Stump Removal in San Jose has served the community with tree, stump, and root problem-solving services. Whether roots are damaging the rest of your garden, a stump has become a hazard on your property, or a tree simply needs to be removed, we offer professional commercial and residential removal services that you can rely on.

Our services in San Jose and Sunnyvale include:

  • Tree Removal:Tree removal is often necessary if the roots are affecting a property’s foundation or if the tree is no longer living, or is causing a hazard to the property. At Kelly’s Stump Removal, we can quickly remove any size tree. We have an $85-$125 minimum charge, which fluctuate depending on the scope of your project.
  • Stump Removal: There is no stump that we can’t remove! Whether we use stump grinding or dig the stump out by hand, we will use the most efficient method for your property. If a stump is infested with termites, is an eyesore, or is causing harm to your property we have the tools and experience necessary to remove it.
  • Root Removal:Sometimes if a tree or stump is removed, roots remain and continue to grow. Our team can remove roots at any depth and even install root barriers to prevent any further growth. To find out more about this service, feel free to reach out to our offices!

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