Professional Stump Removal in San Jose

Helping You Clear Your Property of Obstacles

Whether for aesthetic or safety reasons, it is important to hire a company you can trust that can safely and quickly remove a stump on your property. At Kelly's Stump Removal in San Jose, we pride ourselves on using the most advanced equipment and efficient methods to remove any size stump, anywhere on any property. When you reach out to our offices, our friendly staff can discuss your concerns with you and schedule a meeting to come out to your property to inspect your stump.

Unsure if a stump should be removed? We recommend removing a stump if:

  • Termites are infesting the wood above or below ground
  • You are interested in landscaping, performing construction or installing a fence where the stump is located
  • The stump and roots continue to grow and is causing damage to your home or building's foundation, fencing, sidewalks, etc.

We use specialized machinery to remove any stump, anywhere. Contact Kelly's Stump Removal today! Peninsula: (650) 948-0604, South Bay: (408) 747-1630 or East Bay: (510) 429-6939

Why Choose us?

  • Efficient Methods
  • Same Day Service
  • Any Depth, Anywhere
  • Specialized Machinery
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Family Owned Since 1983
  • Commercial and Residential Services
  • Fully Insured State Contractor - License #622489